[Webinar] Will the fall out from COVID-19 be positive or negative for the construction sector?

We are proud to be launching the first edition of our Global Construction Service, with provides detailed forecasts of the value of construction work done across 10 sectors in 78 countries. Our construction team have over 25 years of experience forecasting activity across the Asia-Pacific region, and we have developed a unique, bespoke methodology that combines bottom-up project information and in-depth knowledge of the sector with top-down models anchored in economic fundamentals.

By now applying this approach to other regions, we are now able to offer clients a global view on activity levels through what will be an exciting time for the sector. Work done is showing strong signs of growth following the Covid disruption, supported by government stimulus which is being targeted in different ways across different countries. In this webinar we present our key findings of the distribution and outlook of construction activity across sectors and countries. We will also discuss our plans for the service, including further developments that will be launched over the coming year.

Key questions we will address in the webinar include:

  • Investment is often a target for fiscal policy through economic recoveries, and this inevitably means an acceleration in construction work done. Which countries are doing the most and what are the key areas of focus?
  • Given the shift in spending patterns over the pandemic, it’s no surprise that activity in hospitality has fallen sharply while warehousing/logistics and manufacturing has accelerated rapidly. When are these trends likely to reverse, and to what extent?
  • Will the current shortage of raw materials and supply chain disruption be a major drag on activity in the near term?

We will be repeating the same webinar to cater for the difference in time zones between the Americas, APAC and EMEA:

  • APAC - Wednesday 28th July | 1:00 pm AEST
  • EMEA - Thursday 29th July | 10:00 am BST
  • Americas - Thursday 29th July | 16:00 EDT

Topics: Coronavirus, Industry, Australian construction, Heavy Industry, Coronavirus vaccine, Construction


Sarah Hunter

Sarah Hunter | Chief Economist

Sarah Hunter is the BIS Oxford Economics Chief Economist, and is responsible for delivering the company’s suite of subscription services. She has extensive experience presenting our regional and global outlook to clients, and previously led the team responsible for providing bespoke macroeconomic analysis to clients across the Asia Pacific region.

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Nicholas Fearnley | Principal Economist 

Nicholas Fearnley is a Principal Economist within BIS Oxford Economics, and is responsible the Engineering Construction in Australia service, which provides clients with forecasts and analysis of construction activity across eleven key sectors at the national and state level. Nicholas also project manages the Mining in Australia service, which analyses and forecasts commodity price movements, as well as mining exploration, investment, production, maintenance, and development costs.