[Webinar] Remote working one year on and implications for Australian office property markets

Australian cities are likely to be facing ongoing or snap lockdowns until the end of year until our vaccination targets are met. But what happens after?

There’s still a huge amount of discussion and disagreement about how much remote working will be done in future and what the implications are for CBD office space.

In this presentation we discuss the future of remote working in Australia and it’s impact on office markets and answering questions such as:

  • What have we learned about actual change?
  • What can lesson’s can be learned from Melbourne’s experience?
  • If there’s a big negative impact, how is prime property likely to fare vs secondary?
  • Some make the argument that prime assets won’t suffer as much – what does history tell us?
  • And what about the impact of supply?

Topics: Cities, Australia, Coronavirus, Australian property, Past Webinar, Commercial property, Remote work


Maria Lee

Maria Lee | Principal Property Economist

Maria is responsible for the BIS Oxford Economics suite of office, industrial, retail and residential market subscription reports. She has also undertaken private client work, especially relating to the retail and office markets. Maria has over thirty years’ experience in property research and forecasting in the UK and Australia. She has worked in a variety of environments, giving her a broad perspective on property markets. Maria regularly gives client presentations and has spoken at numerous conferences.


Sarah Hunter

Sarah Hunter | Chief Economist

Sarah Hunter is the BIS Oxford Economics Chief Economist, and is responsible for delivering the company’s suite of subscription services. She has extensive experience presenting our regional and global outlook to clients, and previously led the team responsible for providing bespoke macroeconomic analysis to clients across the Asia Pacific region.