[Webinar] Reasons for cautious optimism as air travel re-starts (Air Passenger Forecast update)

Travel remains restricted in many countries around the world, but an increasing number of routes are starting to open up. We will discuss the extent to which an easing of restrictions is likely in the second half of this year and beyond; on which types of route this is most likely; how much this restored capacity will be supported by passenger demand; and major risks to the outlook. Current trends will be described as well as the key drivers of demand for both a short- and longer-run outlook. Major risk factors and reasons for some continued caution in the outlook, including the potential proliferation of new variants, will also be highlighted.

Please note that we will be repeating the same webinar to cater for the difference in time zones between EMEA, the Americas and APAC:

  • EMEA - Wednesday 28th July | 10:00 BST
  • Americas - Wednesday 28th July | 16:00 EDT
  • APAC - Thursday 29th July | 10:00 HKT

Topics: Tourism, Past Webinar


Dave Goodger_round

Dave Goodger | Director of Tourism Economics, EMEA

Dave Goodger is Director of Tourism Economics, Europe. He has been instrumental in developing the global model of tourism flows and spending, which covers 185 origins and destinations, and he continues to manage the regular forecast updates. He also maintains an active role in new product development and consultancy work.


Headshot - circle - Stephen Rooney

Stephen Rooney | Senior Economist

Since joining Tourism Economics in 2014, Stephen has contributed to the production of the company’s full complement of travel and tourism subscription services as well as a range of consultancy pieces. His remit currently includes the Air Passenger Forecasts service, which provides long-term forecasts of air passenger flows for almost 4,000 routes and total flows for 191 countries, as well as various other modelling to predict performance based on economic fundamentals and industry dynamics.

Headshot - circle -Ezgi Gulbas - IATA

Ezgi Gulbas | Senior Economist, Airline Performance & Market Analysis at IATA

In her role as a senior economist, Ezgi is responsible for financial and market analysis of the airline industry to support IATA’s members and its advocacy. Her areas of expertise include financial modelling, macroeconomic analysis and forecasting.
Prior to joining IATA, she had a range of expertise within the financial sector. She worked as a senior economist in Sberbank and ING Bank. She also had an experience as an equity analyst covering multiple sectors, including oil & gas, retail, automotive in QNB Bank.

Headshot - circle - Arnaud Vanolli - IATA

Arnaud Vanolli | Economist, Industry and Market Analysis at IATA

Arnaud’s key responsibilities as an economist specialized in Market Analysis include following the macroeconomic trends and drivers impacting the air passenger and cargo transport industry. Arnaud delivers economic briefings and passenger traffic forecasts which inform IATA’s stakeholders on the economic state of the industry. He also supports the Communication department at IATA for external queries and press releases related to Economics.