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[Webinar] All politics is local: South Africa’s local government elections

South Africans vote to renew their municipal governments on November 1. The ruling African National Congress (ANC) and the official opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) are both in poor shape, but will minor parties be able to make the most of the opportunity presented by this weakness? In this webinar we will discuss the results of the previous local government elections in 2016 (especially the messy coalition rule in key cities that ensued), lay out the current state of the important parties, look at minor ones and independents, and consider the key question of expected turnout. We will then set out what all of this means for the likely composition of municipal councils in the country’s metropolitan areas for the coming five years, before we conclude by considering what that might mean for the business environment.

We will be repeating the same webinar to cater for the difference in time zones between APAC, EMEA and the Americas:

  • APAC - Tuesday 26th October | 10:00 HKT
  • EMEA - Tuesday 26th October | 10:00 BST (11:00 SAST)
  • Americas - Tuesday 26th October | 16:00 EDT