[Webinar] Key trends for the global economy in 2022

Topic: Diminishing economic disruption and uncertainty, stemming from the pandemic and ensuing supply-side bottlenecks, bode well for a still-strong recovery in 2022. But next year will herald a new phase in the recovery, driven by distinct shifts in the key macroeconomic trends.

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Ben May Bio

Ben May | Director of Global Macroeconomic Research

Ben May is a Director of Global Macroeconomic Research at Oxford Economics and is involved in the production and presentation of the company’s global macroeconomic views, with a leading role in our coverage of the advanced economies. Ben joined Oxford Economics in April 2014. He has over 15 years’ experience as a macro economist in the public and private sector and has over a decade’s expertise covering the Eurozone economy. Before joining the Global Macro team, Ben worked on the Eurozone team at Oxford Economics. In addition to his working covering broad Eurozone issues he was also responsible for research on the ECB and Germany. 

Tim Hunter Bio

Tim Hunter | Economist

Tim is a macroeconomist in the Global Macro team in London, responsible for producing research at a global level. Previously he was in the Stress Testing, Scenarios and Financial Modelling team, specialising in scenario analysis and macroeconomic modelling. Prior to joining Oxford Economics, Tim gained experience as an economist in the UK Civil Service, completing a twelve-month placement in the Food Standards Agency. He has a first-class degree in Economics from the University of Bath.