[Webinar] Key trends for Emerging markets in 2022

We discuss the key issues that make 2022 such an important phase of EMs’ bumpy ride back to its future of a grating kind of stability. EMs will no longer be able to count on booming terms of trade and peaking external demand as tailwinds in 2022. But it is not all bad news. Inflation will fall next year, boosting fixed income returns as elevated term premia fall back. Marcos and Gabriel will pick out winners and losers from the perspective of economy and asset markets.

Topics: Strategy, Past Webinar


Gabriel Sterne, Head of Global Strategy Services and EM Macro Research

Gabriel Sterne | Head of Global Strategy Services and EM Macro Research

Gabriel delivers macro-economic products tailored for the financial markets, as Head of a team that integrates global strategy and EM macro views. Recently he has published most on populism, demographics and other drivers of low global yields, and the evolution of global fragilities as expansions mature. On the EM side he is a global expert on sovereign crisis and debt restructuring issues.

Marcos Casarin Bio

Marcos Casarin | Chief Latin American Economist

Following a six-year stint in London, he relocated to Mexico City in 2018 to run the firm’s Latin America operation locally. Marcos is responsible for developing Oxford’s in-house view on the region, as well as producing the macroeconomic forecasts for Brazil. He manages a team of economists who produce regional and country-specific research pieces on over 30 countries, as well as contributes to the editorial line of Oxford Economics globally. Marcos’ work also involves presenting the outlook to clients around the world and liaising with the media.