[Webinar] Key Themes for Canada in 2022: Economic recovery delayed not derailed

Topic: Canada’s economic recovery from the pandemic has been delayed, not derailed. While the economy continues to benefit from reopening amid high vaccination rates, it is being hit by supply disruptions exacerbated by floods in BC, rising cost pressures, and resurgent health concerns as the Omicron variant ushers the pandemic into a new year. Join us to hear about six prominent themes we see for the Canadian economy in the year ahead.

Topics: Macro, Past Webinar


Tony Stillo Bio

Tony Stillo | Director of Canada Economics

Tony Stillo is the Director of Canada Economics at Oxford Economics, based out of the Toronto office. He is responsible for producing the macroeconomic forecast for Canada using Oxford Economics’ Global Economic Model, reporting on key data releases and producing/presenting research on key issues affecting the Canadian economy. Tony also helps support the work of other areas at Oxford Economics where there’s a Canadian angle.

Michael Davenport Bio

Michael Davenport | Economist

Michael is an Associate Economist on the US Macro team with a particular focus on the Canadian Economy. He primarily supports the Director of Canada Economics in producing macroeconomic research and forecasts, monitoring Canada and the provinces, and liaising with clients and the media. Michael first joined Oxford Economics as an Economic Research Analyst Intern in the Toronto office before being promoted to Associate Economist in August 2019.