[Webinar] Europe’s consumer boom faces multiple headwinds

An improved medical situation and the acceleration in the vaccination process has allowed the European economy to return to something close to normality in recent months and has led to a strong surge in consumer spending. The strength of consumers underpins our expectation of strong growth in the coming quarters, but the recovery still faces multiple headwinds, such as the problems plaguing global supply chains, a potential deterioration in the health situation during the winter and the sharp rise in inflation. In the second half of the session, we will discuss our research about the European housing market and what lies ahead for home prices.

We will be repeating the same webinar to cater for the difference in time zones between APAC, EMEA and the Americas:

  • APAC - Tuesday 21st September | 10:00 HKT
  • EMEA - Tuesday 21st September | 10:00 BST
  • Americas - Tuesday 21st September | 16:00 EDT

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New | Angel Talavera - Head of Europe Economics

Angel Talavera | Head of Europe Economics

Ángel is Head of European Economics and is responsible for developing Oxford Economics' view on the region, as well as producing macroeconomic forecasts for Spain. He manages a team of economists producing regional and country-specific thematic research on over 30 countries, as well as contributing to the editorial line of Oxford Economics globally. Angel's work also involves presenting the outlook to clients around the world and he is frequently quoted in international media.

Headshot - circle - Ricardo Amaro

Ricardo Amaro | Senior Economist

Ricardo re-joined Oxford Economics in April 2021 as a Senior Economist in the eurozone team. He is responsible for producing and presenting the macroeconomic forecasts for Portugal. He also contributes to the team's timely analysis of incoming data and newsflow and to thematic research on the eurozone economy.