[Webinar] Commodity markets face headwinds from China and OPEC. Can bulls reassert control?

Topic: Diverging price trends across commodity markets suggest that fundamentals are back in the driving seat. Will demand be strong enough to cope with rising supply for oil, iron ore and copper in the year ahead?

We will be repeating the same webinar to cater for the difference in time zones between APAC, EMEA and the Americas

  • APAC - Thursday 16th September | 10:00 HKT
  • EMEA - Thursday 16th September | 10:00 BST
  • Americas - Thursday 16th September | 16:00 EDT

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Dan Smith

Dan Smith | Director of Commodity Services

Dan Smith is currently Director of Commodity Services at Oxford Economics. He heads up a team responsible for industry and price forecasts across extraction, metals and mining. He leads the company’s work on energy market supply-demand analysis, including crude oil, natural gas and coal, and writes the energy sections for the monthly Commodity Price Forecast report.

Stephen Hare

Stephen Hare | Economist

Stephen is part of the Industry team where he is responsible for the extraction sector forecasts and contributes to the monthly commodity price forecasts for iron and steel. Stephen joined us in January 2018 after completing his MSc in finance and econometrics at Queen Marys University of London.

Kiran Ahmed

Kiran Ahmed | Lead Economists

Kiran joined Oxford Economics as an Economist in August 2007. She works on the Industry and Global Macroeconomic Services as well as on consultancy work. Her work for the Industry Service primarily involves the basic metals and engineering sectors, and for the Global Macroeconomic Service includes forecasts for commodity prices and the several East Asian economies.