[Webinar] Can the strength in Australian industrial property be sustained?

Industrial property across Australia’s eastern seaboard markets has been a standout performer over the last few years. In the occupancy markets, demand is strong, supercharged by pandemic related drivers. Industrial property construction is also high, but not enough to prevent a rapid reduction in vacancies, driving rental growth.

In the investment market, the weight of funds chasing assets has driven yields to record lows, underpinning strong rises in capital values. This webinar will look at how much longer the tailwinds driving industrial property will last for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and what are the key risks that could derail its strength.
We will be repeating the same webinar to cater for the difference in time zones between the Americas, APAC and EMEA:

  • APAC - Thursday 2nd December  | 13:00 AEDT
  • EMEA - Thursday 2nd December | 10:00 am GMT
  • Americas - Thursday 2nd December | 16:00 EDT

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Lee Walker | Principal Property Economist

Lee has more than 20 years experience researching and forecasting commercial property markets within Australia, having joined BIS Oxford Economics in 1999. Prior to BIS Oxford Economics, Lee worked for Knight Frank in their research division. Lee holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Property Economics and Master of Commerce, Property Investment, both from the Western Sydney University.