[Webinar] Asia - Inflation and monetary policy outlook

Inflation is back in focus amid persistent supply chain disruptions and soaring input prices. Is Asia more insulated than the rest of the world? What are the implications for monetary policy normalization? We discuss how the impact will vary across different APAC economies.

We will be repeating the same webinar to cater for the difference in time zones between APAC, EMEA and the Americas:

  • APAC - Friday 29th October | 10:00 SGT
  • EMEA - Friday 29th October | 10:00 BST
  • Americas - Friday 29th October | 16:00 EDT

Topics: Asia, Australia, Inflation, Macro, Greater China, Hong Kong, Asia Pacific, Japan, South East Asia, SEA, Past Webinar


Priyanka Kishore

Priyanka Kishore | Head of India and South East Asia Macro Services

Priyanka Kishore has more than a decade’s experience in macroeconomic research and forecasting across emerging markets, with a special focus on India and ASEAN. She currently leads Oxford Economics’ Singapore Global Macro Services team and is responsible for overseeing the firm’s South and South East Asia research. Her role includes co-ordinating OE’s Asia views and forecasts, undertaking related consultancy work and doing client presentations. In addition, she specializes in macro-modelling and scenario analysis aimed at quantifying the short and medium-term impact of exogenous shocks on different economies.

Sian Fenner

Sian Fenner | Lead Economist

Sian Fenner is a Lead Asia Economist at Oxford Economics and is involved in the forecast and presentation of the Asian macroeconomic views with a lead role in our coverage of Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Japan. Sian re-joined Oxford Economics in 2013 and has over 20 years’ experience as a macroeconomic forecaster in the public and private sector primarily focused on the Asia-Pacific region. Prior to joining Oxford Economics Sian worked for Lloyds Bank as the lead emerging market economist responsible for forecasting the economic outlook, fx and monetary policy.