Introducing Oxford Economics' new Real Estate Economics Service

Oxford Economics is proud to announce the launch of its new Real Estate Economics Service. The service helps companies understand the implications of macroeconomic, geopolitical, financial and climate change developments on private and public real estate performance. It is the first globally consistent and independent set of real estate forecasts, the service offers regular analysis and commentary from our highly experienced team of real estate economists.

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Real estate insights for real business impact

Oxford Economics' Real Estate Economics Service makes it simple and easy to rapidly uncover the sort of strategic insights that would otherwise have required hours of meticulous research, allowing clients to plan and move forwards with confidence.

  1. Reporting. Consistent, independent and objective projections for property markets alongside our existing macroeconomic, industry, city and tourism forecasts.
  2. Strategic planning to support better asset allocation and investment decisions. Analysis rooted in a rigorous and transparent macroeconomic and cross-asset framework allows long-term investors to understand the performance of real estate with regard to other asset classes on a consistent basis.
  3. Risk assessment key to making investment decisions. For all types of investors, lenders and asset managers, the alternative projections based on our Global Scenario Service will enable any regulatory or commercial necessity to understand risk.
Included in the package:
  • Forecasts and scenarios: National real estate forecasts covering 32 countries worldwide. Forecasts out to 2050, which are consistent with Oxford’s macroeconomic outlook.
  • Written reports: Written analysis on select property markets. Comprehensive chartbooks providing detailed analysis on supply and demand-side factors, including economic, financial, capital markets & climate change.
  • Comprehensive forecast datasets: Access to a databank that allows users to quickly build custom queries with complete flexibility and view the data in tables, charts, and maps.
  • Geographical coverage: Flexible delivery of content by six major regions, including UK, Europe, US, Canada, Asia and Australia.
What the experts say

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