US | Where the Covid-led surge in housing is hottest

Housing activity has boomed since the Covid crisis. Our new State Housing Market Scorecard reveals that the demand surge was most pronounced in the Southwest & Mountains and Southern regions. These regions recorded the largest increases in homeownership rates, spurred by pandemic-induced migration and stronger demand from high income earners. Home price inflation has also been most robust in Southwest & Mountains and Southern states.

What you will learn:

  • Homeownership in these regions has risen most in Texas, Nevada, North Carolina, Arizona, and Arkansas.
  • High-skilled, higher income segments of the population have driven the surge in housing demand.
  • To meet the demand surge, residential construction activity has also strengthened – most significantly in Southwest & Mountains and Southern states.

Topics: United States, Coronavirus, Growth & secular trends, Housing Market, Real Estate, North America, Price Inflation, States

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