US | Recovery Tracker builds impressive momentum

Our US Recovery Tracker rose 1.2ppts to 81.9 in the week ended Feb. 12 – its highest level since October. Improving health dynamics remained central to the upward tendency. Firming mobility, stronger production, and looser financial conditions led the weekly gains. Employment tracked sideways, reflecting a still-fragile labor market, and demand cooled after a series of fiscally stimulated gains in January.

What you will learn:

  • Regional recoveries largely advanced, with 29 state trackers rising. Steadily improving health conditions supported a rise in mobility, though activity and employment softened modestly. 
  • Colder weather slowed the pace of vaccinations, which should quickly recover, and the economy continues to benefit from a pronounced slowdown in virus transmission. 
  • We expect real GDP to grow 7.1% annualized in Q1 after remarkably strong January retail sales illustrated how fiscal aid and better health conditions will foster a strong recovery. 

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Recovery Tracker builds impressive momentum - iPad