US | Chartbook - August 2020

The US economy is at a critical juncture in its recovery. Importantly, after a rapid first phase of recovery, the economy has now entered the second phase of its rehabilitation with much less momentum.


What you will learn:

  • Households face major income cliffs as fiscal support fades, while still-widespread virus cases are also making them cautious.
  • Labor market vulnerabilities are spread across the US but are currently greatest in Eastern states.
  • China’s recovery has made it the US’ main export market during the crisis, but trade deal targets are still out of sight and political relations have soured.
  • Inflation risks are still heavily tilted to the downside amid a stagnating recovery, reduced fiscal relief, and an ongoing health crisis.

Topics: United States, China, Business and economic outlook, Global trade, Fiscal stimulus, Consumer spending, Monetary policy, Inflation, Labour markets, Federal Reserve, Dollar, Coronavirus, Housing Market, Macro Highlights, North America

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