Asia Pacific | The outlook for food prices in Asia

For Food Industry Asia, Oxford Economics constructed bespoke forecasts for the food component of the consumer price index in eight Asian economies. We find India and Indonesia can be expected to see faster food price growth in 2022, but food price inflation elsewhere should be much more contained.

What you will learn:

  • Our analysis of the cost structure of food manufacturers across Asia highlights several relevant macroeconomic drivers, including world food commodity prices, exchange rates, energy costs at home and in global markets, and labour and non-labour manufacturing costs at home.
  • Many of these cost drivers will be more favourable for food manufacturers in the coming couple of years. We anticipate global energy costs easing modestly, as well as the gradual resolution of supply chain shortages. 
  • But as domestic activity unlocks (and eventually tourism restarts in earnest), demand for workers will accelerate, meaning an pickup in wage growth. 

Topics: Manufacturing, Industry, Asia Pacific, Consumer, Price Inflation, Food industry

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