The outlook for – and risks to – long-term world growth | Global

Our long-term forecasts point to a subdued outlook for world growth. We
expect global GDP to rise by 2.7% per year in the next decade, little changed
from the modest pace seen since 2007, before slowing to 2.4% per year in the 2030s. Risks to our forecasts look mostly to the downside.

Underlying our forecasts is a growing drag from demographic factors
(especially from the late 2020s onwards) and slow investment growth, offset to some extent by a modest improvement in productivity growth.

Download our analysis to find out:

  • Long-term forecasts for global growth to 2040.
  • Negative effects from factors such as high debt levels and ”Japanification” on investment.
  • Risks in emerging markets which are expected to contribute about 23% of world growth from 2020-2040.

Topics: World economy, GDP, Japanification

Research Briefing - 12FEB2020
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