Sustaining the growth of digital health in England | United Kingdom

Digital healthcare has exploded in England during the pandemic. With most in-person doctor visits on hold, virtual care experiences have become common. But turning forced adoption into adoption by choice will be challenging. The Accenture 2020 Digital Health Patient Survey reveals that before COVID-19 just 12% of patients in England had received healthcare virtually. English patients also had significant concerns around data privacy and security, and doubts about the performance of digital tools. Our research confirmed, however, that as many as 60% of patients, regardless
of age, would willingly switch to virtual healthcare if it were more convenient,
accessible and could meet their care needs

What you will learn:

  • How can recent gains in digital healthcare be made permanent?
  • Doubts about data privacy & security.
  • Before COVID-19, growth in patient digital health adoption had stalled.

Topics: Health, Consumer, Artificial Intelligence, Wearable technology, Healthcare