PwC: Achieving Net-Zero Infrastructure

Infrastructure is a big part of the world’s climate change challenge—but how can the transition to net-zero global infrastructure be achieved? Oxford Economics, in partnership with PwC, created a framework to interpret the global green infrastructure transition through a sample of 80 representative countries. We have constructed an index summarising a range of indicators to compare countries on two dimensions: the 'decarbonization challenge' and 'capacity to pay.' These important components indicated different decision-making needs depending on a country's development level. The temptation to defer these decisions remains high, but this only passes the buck, increasing pressure on future generations and the affordability of the transition to net-zero.

What you will learn:

  • How to best tackle climate change while keeping the modern world going?
  • Infrastructure assets are a serious challenge in this endeavor.
  • Whole areas of the economy will need to be redesigned.

Topics: Economic impact, Global, Climate Change, Forward thinking newsletter - US, Infrastructure

Achieving net zerio infrastructure