Australia | Population outlook firms on vaccine rollout

The reopening of Australia’s international border is contingent on the vaccine rollout. The program is targeted at having most of the adult population inoculated by the end of October 2021. Border openings are set to be staged, initially restricted to other near-virus free nations from late 2021. In the absence of any significant setbacks, access will widen over 2022.

What you will learn about:

    • International students have been Australia’s largest individual migration channel in recent years, representing 43% of total NOM over the five years to FY2019.
    • A series of counter forces are anticipated to result in a less cyclical profile for total non-student migration, which includes temporary skilled workers and permanent residents.
    • The latest ABS data confirms the continuation of the longterm downwards trend in Australia’s total fertility rate (TFR).

Topics: Australia, Coronavirus, Coronavirus vaccine

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