MENA | Coronavirus tracker for the GCC – March update

New cases of Covid-19 in the UAE and Bahrain have begun to edge down as
tighter lockdown conditions and rapid roll-out of vaccines start to take effect.
Although it may be a few weeks yet and Dubai has announced that current
restrictions will remain in place to mid-April, it is likely that measures will be
gradually eased. Saudi Arabia has already started relaxing restrictions, albeit
from a tighter starting point, with cinemas, restaurants and gyms re-opening
this week.

What you will learn:

  • Kuwait, on the other hand, is a facing a renewed wave of Covid-19 with newdaily cases rising above previous peaks.
  • Compared with some other Middle East countries, Kuwait has been relatively slow in vaccinating its population.
  • This MENA Weekly updates the Coronavirus tracker for the GCC, which draws on nontraditional data sources such as Google location data, STR hotel occupancy numbers and high-frequency data such as PMIs, commodity prices and financial market numbers.

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