LATAM | Key themes 2021: Differentiating the losers and winners

The 2020 pandemic exacerbated Latin America’s main weaknesses – weak trend growth and rising public debts - opening the door for populism to return to the center stage of politics. The region enters 2021 beset by electoral and fiscal risks that can reduce the attractiveness of most countries in what promises to be a very positive year for emerging markets (EMs) and the world economy.

Here are our key themes for Latin America:

  • Not much room for optimism despite early vaccines
  • Mind the rise of populism in traditionally orthodox Chile and Peru
  • Colombia is the only good story in LatAm in 2021, but can it last?
  • Brazil is between a rock and a hard place
  • Mexico: Among the blind, the one-eyed man is king
  • Argentina’s populists are unlikely to regain market access
  • LatAm in 2021: Populism threatens to tone down market optimism

Topics: Emerging markets, Coronavirus, GDP, Latin America, Recovery

Key themes 2021 Differentiating the losers and winners - iPad