IIoT cybersecurity for travel companies: Protecting travel operations

In cooperation with IBM's Institute for Business Value, we surveyed 300 IT and OT leaders responsible for the security of their organizations’ IIoT environments and deployments, including 75 from travel and 225 from transportation companies. All of the companies surveyed have deployed IIoT applications to support supply chain and logistics processes. Can your travel organization protect critical infrastructure?

What you will learn:

  • How are you integrating security tools and management processes into your organization’s security framework and operational processes?
  • How are you bolstering your incident response plan to make it easier to perform under pressure?
  • How are you preventing threat impacts, reducing disruption, and building capabilities to quickly recover from attacks?

Topics: Cybersecurity, Travel, Thought Leadership, Forward thinking newsletter - US, Supply chain, Travel operations, Transportation

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