Global Cities | Urbanisation continues, led by rapid growth in African cities

In the next two decades, the world’s 900 major cities will experience a combined population increase of nearly 600 million people. While the largest cities will continue to be in Asia, African cities are expected to grow the fastest. In contrast, many cities in Europe and East Asia will experience population declines over this period.

What you will learn:

  • Over the next two decades, the growth of the world’s urban population will vary by continent.
  • Despite strong growth in Africa, by 2040, few of those cities will break into the top 10 largest by size, with the only change being Delhi overtaking Jakarta and Tokyo for the number two spot behind Dhaka.
  • By 2040, there will be 64 megacities — cities with more than 10 million inhabitants - with 22 of the 23 new megacities located in the Global South.

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