Chipping In: The US Semiconductor Industry Workforce and How Federal Incentives Will Increase Domestic Jobs

For this study with the Semiconductor Industry Association, Oxford Economics has quantified the economic contribution of the US semiconductor industry by using an economic impact analysis at the national level in the US. This technique highlights the importance of the semiconductor industry to the US economy in terms of jobs, wages, and GDP.

What you will learn:

  • The US semiconductor industry is substantial, directly contributing $246.4 billion to US GDP and directly employing over 277,000 workers in 2020.
  • The economic contribution of the semiconductor industry extends far beyond fabrication facilities (fabs) or research facilities where its products are designed and manufactured.
  • The strong demand for all types of chips facilitates the need for a broader domestic support ecosystem including manufacturing equipment, materials, design services, testing labs, and R&D activity.

Topics: Economic impact, Thought Leadership, US economy, Forward thinking newsletter - US

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