Calibrating a medium-term economic comeback from Covid | Global

Many have been comparing the COVID-19 recession with previous financial crisis, in particular the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

Indeed, our forecasts for global GDP project a recovery trajectory similar to that following the GFC. But we believe the medium-term disappointment relative to the pre-crisis trend won't be as bad this time.

Download our latest analysis to find out:

  • How much damage will the ongoing crisis do to the medium- and long-term level of global GDP;
  • The similarities and differences between COVID-19 recession and GFC, and why we think it won’t be as bad this time;
  • Lessons learnt from previous epidemics and other financial crisis.


Stay tuned for more updates - this investigation is part of a series. In subsequent research we’ll provide a scorecard that details differences in medium-term economic performance across countries.


Topics: Financial crisis, World economy, Economic forecasting, Economic prospects, Coronavirus

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