Brazil: Assessing the Economic, Societal and Cultural Benefits of YouTube

Read how Oxford Economics and YouTube partnered to identify the economic and societal benefits of YouTube in Brazil. Through our rigorous economic modelling and survey capabilities, we found that in 2020 YouTube contributed R$3.4 billion to Brazil's GDP and 122,000 full-time equivalent jobs. Our research shows that YouTube fosters significant positive trends for Brazil's creators in terms of professional goal achievement, business growth, and improved practical skills, as well as serving as a vital resource for teachers and learners.

What you will learn:

  • Total economic impact of YouTube's creative ecosystem in Brazil
  • How YouTube's "creative entrepreneurs" in Brazil find opportunities and economic success
  • YouTube empowers professionals, students, teachers and parents with a wealth of educational content

Topics: Economic impact, Workforce, Employment, Forward thinking newsletter - US, YouTube, Brazil, Business growth

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