Sustaining the growth of digital health in Australia | Australia

Earlier in the year, Oxford Economics partnered with Accenture on a research program including a survey where 7,804 consumers over the age of 18 were asked to assess their attitudes toward technology adoption, wellness management and their changing relationship with care providers. The online survey included consumers across seven countries: Australia (1,000), England (1,002), Finland (800), Norway (800), Singapore (900), Spain (1,000) and the United States (2,302). 

What you will learn:

  • The perspective of consumers, with a particular focus on the shifting needs and desires of consumers and how they align with the trends that are redefining services provided by healthcare systems 
  • Justification and opportunity analysis for the expansion of virtual and digital healthcare services 
  • Pre & post coronavirus impacts on consumer demand for virtual and digital healthcare services. 

Topics: Australia, Health, Healthcare services, Consumer, Artificial Intelligence, Wearable technology

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