2021 Climate Check: Business' View on Environmental Sustainability

Oxford Economics collaborated with Deloitte to field a survey of 750 executives in 13 countries in early 2021 to determine business leaders’ climate change concerns during the current health and economic crisis. This report highlights businesses’ environmental sustainability actions and mounting concerns around the impacts of climate change at this pivotal moment in the future of our planet.

What you will learn:

  • Environmental sustainability measures, on the rise before the COVID-19 pandemic, have stalled as businesses have prioritized other existential threats.
  • Climate change continues to affect daily lives and the resolve to mitigate its worst effects remains strong among most executives.
  • The pandemic has intensified the need for global business leaders to assemble around a clear strategy, enabling sustainability measures and prioritizing green business decisions.

Topics: Thought Leadership, Climate Change, Forward thinking newsletter - US, Sustainability, Environmental sustainability

2021 Climate Check - Business Views on Environmental Sustainability