Job Vacancy - Oxford Economics - Lead Economist (London)

The Lead Economist role is for the EMEA Macro Consulting team in Oxford Economics’ London office. The role will be directly focused on delivering macro consulting projects and undertaking business development for the UK and Continental Europe market reporting directly to the Director of EMEA Macro Consulting. The UK-based members of the EMEA Macro Consulting team consist of eight economists based in Oxford, London and Belfast, with the role involving close working with other team members. The EMEA Macro Consulting team also has economists based in Dubai serving the Middle East market.

The UK and Continental Europe is a key market for Oxford Economics’ growth objectives, including for macro consulting. We already have many clients and undertake significant, high profile macro consulting projects in the UK and Continental Europe and aim to rapidly growth macro consulting revenue in the region, leveraging our subscription client base and opportunities across a range of sectors.

This is an opportunity to join a dynamic team with strong market growth opportunities and the prospect of accelerated career development to Associate Director level for candidates who perform well in the Lead Economist role. The position will involve delivering and developing macro consulting projects, extensive client contact, provide an opportunity to manage and develop a team of UK-based economists, and work on a wide range of interesting projects for high profile clients across a range of sectors. It will also provide an opportunity to develop proposal writing, business development and project and line management skills.

More specifically, the role will involve:

  • Taking a lead role with Oxford Economics’ macro consulting accounts in the UK and Continental Europe. This will involve both winning and leading existing repeat and new projects and seeking to grow the business relationship by communicating regularly with clients, working with Oxford Economics’ Business Development teams, and identifying ways we can work more closely and frequently with clients on an ongoing basis.
  • Leading and developing a team of economists working on macro consulting in the UK and Continental Europe market and delivering macro consulting projects. This will include working alongside and collaborating with other UK-based macro consulting team members and overseeing its expansion. Team management will include both advertising for and hiring staff, ensuring the team are appropriately trained, and managing their consulting work on projects and wider career development.
  • Integrating with the wider macro consulting team to ensure that projects are appropriately resourced. This will involve coordinating with the other macro consulting groups – potentially in New York and Dubai - to ensure that both sufficient resources are available for UK and Continental Europe macro consulting projects and supporting macro consulting projects in the US and Middle East when necessary. On certain projects there will also be coordination and collaboration with other Oxford Economics teams, including the macroeconomic forecast team and the economic impact and thought leadership consulting teams.
  • Responsibility for revenue and profit targets for UK and Continental Europe macro consulting. While UK and Continental Europe macro consulting revenues will ultimately roll up into the wider EMEA Macro Consulting team revenue, targets will be set for revenues, profits and new sales for macro consulting specifically in the UK and Continental Europe region.
  • Contribute to the growth of the EMEA macro consulting business – specifically the UK and Continental Europe market – working closely with and reporting directly to the Director of EMEA Macro Consulting and collaborating with the Oxford Economics Business Development teams in the UK and Continental Europe. This will include leading proposals, pitches and final presentations, as well as being a key member of the teams delivering projects for UK and Continental Europe-based clients. It will be important to identify and develop ways to grow the business in the UK and Continental Europe, E.g., through new consulting relationships and implementation of sales initiatives set out in Oxford Economics’ regional (UK and Continental Europe) and global task force three-year plans.

Person specification


  • Master’s or undergraduate degree in economics/macroeconomics or a closely related quantitative discipline;
  • A dynamic and entrepreneurial personality;
  • An intuitive understanding of macroeconomics, and a keen personal interest in global macroeconomic issues;
  • Experience of quantitative economic analysis and report-writing;
  • Familiarity with applying quantitative analytical techniques to large datasets using software;
  • Evidence of being proactive and creative in using economics to answer (external, internal or policymaker) clients’ questions;
  • Attention to detail and a commitment to going the extra mile to produce rigorous, accurate work, within the constraints of the time and resources available;
  • Excellent written English and strong communication skills, including the ability to explain economic concepts and quantitative results, as well as their implications, to non-specialists


  • Previous experience in writing proposals for and pitching for economic consultancy projects, and leading proactive business development initiatives;
  • Previous experience undertaking economic consultancy projects in the UK and Continental Europe;
  • Previous experience managing a small team of economists;
  • Previous experience in using applied macroeconomics models for forecasting and/or scenario analysis
How to Apply

To apply for the role, please submit a CV and covering letter, detailing how you meet the person specification and where you have relevant experience of elements and attributes of the role. The closing date for applications is 20th September 2021.

Oxford Economics is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind based on race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other protected characteristic as outlined by federal, state, or local laws.

About Oxford Economics

Oxford Economics was founded in 1981 as a commercial venture with Oxford University’s business college to provide economic forecasting and modelling to UK companies and financial institutions expanding abroad. Since then, we have become one of the world’s foremost independent global advisory firms, providing reports, forecasts and analytical tools on more than 200 countries, 250 industrial sectors, and 7,000 cities and regions. Our best-of-class global economic and industry models and analytical tools give us an unparalleled ability to forecast external market trends and assess their economic, social and business impact.

Headquartered in Oxford, England, with regional centres in London, New York, and Singapore, Oxford Economics has offices across the globe in Belfast, Boston, Cape Town, Chicago, Dubai, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Houston, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Mexico City, Milan, Paris, Philadelphia, Sydney, Tokyo, and Toronto. We employ 400 full-time staff, including more than 250 professional economists, industry experts and business editors—one of the largest teams of macroeconomists and thought leadership specialists. Our global team is highly skilled in a full range of research techniques and thought leadership capabilities, from econometric modelling, scenario framing, and economic impact analysis to market surveys, case studies, expert panels, and web analytics.

Oxford Economics is a key adviser to corporate, financial and government decision-makers and thought leaders. Our worldwide client base now comprises over 2,000 international organisations, including leading multinational companies and financial institutions; key government bodies and trade associations; and top universities, consultancies, and think tanks.

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