Black Boxes and Paradoxes: The Real Cost of Disconnected Payments

Download this new report to discover how payments can act as a source of value and innovation, featuring strategic insights from payment leaders at Microsoft, Uber and Deliveroo.

black-boxes-and-paradoxesThis new report with leading FinTech delves into the true cost of false declines to merchants and the digital economy, what customers are willing to pay for better payments and how fast-growing brands approach payments.

Key findings include: 

  • False declines cost merchants $20.3 billion last year, with $12.7 billion of that given away to competitors and $7.6 billion simply lost
  • 60% of merchants don't think that their payments data adds value to business strategy or innovation
  • Super high growth (41%+ year on year) companies are more likely to have an authorization rate of 96-100% than other businesses

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