[Event] Asset Management Executive Roundtable - Autumn 2021

Oxford Economics is pleased to formally invite you to our flagship, annual Asset Management Executive Roundtable – Autumn 2021. This event will be held on September 29th at 10:00 AM EDT/14:00 GMT as well as September 30th at 10:00 HKT (12:00 AEST).

This year’s event will be via webinar, but with a limited audience, to ensure that we have an interactive discussion. The event will be led by several Senior Economists from Oxford Economics and will cover a range of topics, including:

  • Is this set to be the most volatile and uneven global recovery in recent history?
  • What could knock advanced economies out of the low inflation/rates equilibrium?
  • Is Fed tapering a non-event?
  • What are the market implications of moving to mid-cycle?
  • How worried should we be about US-China de-coupling?

Our panel of senior economists and strategists, from around the world, will include the following:

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Innes McFee Bio

Innes McFee | Managing Director of Macro and Investor Services

Innes McFee is Managing Director of Macro and Investor Services, based in London. Innes oversees the activities of the Macro & Investor Services teams globally, including the Global Macro Forecast and Global Macro Service. Innes joined Oxford Economics in 2017 after 6 years at Lloyds Banking Group as a Senior Economist. At Lloyds Innes was responsible for the economic scenarios underpinning the Group’s internal planning and stress testing; analysis of key risks; and developing Lloyds’ approach to multiple economic scenarios for IFRS9.

Ben May Bio

Ben May | Director of Global Macroeconomic Research

Ben May is a Director of Global Macroeconomic Research at Oxford Economics and is involved in the production and presentation of the company’s global macroeconomic views, with a leading role in our coverage of the advanced economies. Ben joined Oxford Economics in April 2014. He has over 15 years’ experience as a macro economist in the public and private sector and has over a decade’s expertise covering the Eurozone economy. Before joining the Global Macro team, Ben worked on the Eurozone team at Oxford Economics. In addition to his working covering broad Eurozone issues he was also responsible for research on the ECB and Germany.

Gregory Daco New Bio

Gregory Daco | Chief US Economist

Gregory Daco is Chief US Economist at Oxford Economics. He is responsible for producing the US economic outlook using Oxford Economics’ proprietary Global Economic Model. Greg directs thematic research on the economy, the Fed and fiscal policy, and leads a team of high caliber economists producing intraday economic and financial market analysis. He conducts regular briefings on the global economy for corporate boards, trade associations and policymakers. Greg is often quoted in national and global publications and is a frequent guest of CNBC, Bloomberg, BBC and NPR. He is a recipient of the Consensus Economics Forecast Accuracy Award for 2019.

Javier Corominas Bio

Javier Corominas | Director of Global Macro Strategy

Javier Corominas is Director of Global Macro Strategy at Oxford Economics. He is co-responsible for global strategic asset allocation as well the tactical calls across all asset classes. Additionally, he has a significant focus on providing thematic macro strategy research to generate actionable investment advice for asset allocators, portfolio managers and corporate Treasurers. Javier is a senior macro and multi-asset investment strategist with over 16 years' experience in active portfolio management as well as in independent macro research. He has a background in macro-economic modelling and forecasting, portfolio optimization and risk budgeting, asset allocation (SAA and TAA), relative value models and global thematic investment research.

Louis Kuijs Bio

Louis Kuijs | Head of Asia Economics

Louis Kuijs has been doing macroeconomic research and policy work across different regions since 1993; since 2004 in and on Asia, especially China. Louis is now Head of Asia Economics at Oxford Economics (OE), based in Hong Kong. He leads the firm’s Asia research, with a specific focus on China. He heads OE’s macroeconomic work and forecasting for the region and serves clients, including through meetings and conferences in key cities in Asia and elsewhere. In 2012-15, he worked at the Royal Bank of Scotland as Chief Economist, Greater China, leading research on China, Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan and setting the view on the outlook for their economy and markets, particularly the FX, fixed income and credit markets.

Daniel Grosvenor Bio

Daniel Grosvenor | Director of Equity Strategy

Daniel joined Oxford Economics in June 2019. He is an equity strategist, responsible for developing our equity views across countries, sectors and investment styles. Daniel joined Oxford Economics from HSBC, where he spent a decade working within their global equity strategy team, in both London and Hong Kong, and was most recently the lead of their European strategy product. Daniel has a Bsc in Economics from the University of Bath.