US | Why the big four east coast cities of the US still have plenty to offer

The big four east coast cities, namely Boston, New York, Washington and Philadelphia, are among the largest, but not the fastest growing, US cities. Partly they are burdened by past success. But they do have economic strengths that could translate into upside surprises.​


  • Simple lack of space in which to grow, congestion and high costs are factors explaining why Boston, New York, Philadelphia & Washington don't out-perform. But these explanations can be overdone.
  • The low share of high-growth information sector in the economies of
    the big four east coast cities is an explanation. But they all have strength in related sectors with potential for strong digital growth.
  • These cities have a lot of very highly-qualified people. They could yet surprise us.

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Topics: United States, Cities, Economic outlook, Real Estate, North America, Growth

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