US | Recovery Tracker up again as momentum builds

The US Recovery Tracker rose 1.1ppts to 87 in the week ended March 19 on broad-based gains across five of the tracker’s six categories. The breadth and persistence of the gains over the past five weeks suggests growing momentum.

What you will learn :

  • While health conditions have improved, the pace of weekly gains has slowed dramatically with some regions experiencing a renewed rise in coronavirus infections.
  • Gains this week were led by rising mobility, with flights at 70% of their pre-Covid levels, commuting about two-thirds, and driving nearing its pre-pandemic level.
  • Demand recouped its pre-Covid level for the first time in this cycle as
    warmer weather led to more restaurant outings, more credit card spending, and stronger housing activity.

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US | Recovery Tracker up again as momentum builds Oxford Economics